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US-CA-West Hollywood

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Published: Wednesday, January 07, 2004

ASP Resources
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Active Server Pages   (49) 
Beginners, More Than ASP, Reference, ...

Components   (3) 
Developing ASP Components, ...

Database   (36) 
MS Access Database, SQL Server, ...

E-Commerce   (3) 
E-Commerce Programming, ...

JavaScript   (11) 
jQuery Reference Guide, ...

Servers   (15) 
IIS Server, Site Server, ...
VBScript   (10) 
The Comprehensive Guide to Vb Scrip, ...

Visual Basic   (19) 
Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6, ...

Visual InterDev   (13) 
Visual InterDev 1, Visual InterDev 6, ...

Web Security   (2) 
ASP / MTS / ADSI Web Security, ...

XML   (11) 
Inside XML , XML Magazine, Applied XML, ...

  Books & Media  

ASP Computer Training Videos  Cost:
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 16110
Updated: 5/24/2000
When you finish this course you will have a working knowledge of such topics as IIS, VBScript, ASP Objects, Global ASA, Cookies, ECommerce using ASP and ADO, CDO for NTS, standard properties and methods and database applications on the Web

Book: Writing Secure Code Price: $28 USD
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 11445
Updated: 11/16/2002
This book shows you how to design and create secure applications, how to write robust code, how to test software for security vulnerabilities.

Enterprise Application Architecture Price: $59.99 USD
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 16454
Updated: 11/27/1999
An advanced title for serious programmers and system architects. Unlike other works that focus on a particular tool or architecture, this book lays a framework which is designed to deliver available, scalable, and secure solutions using an n-tier model.

LINQ Quickly
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 901
Updated: 12/6/2007
This book is a practical guide to Programming Language Integrated Query with C#. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a new feature in Visual Studio 2008 that extends its query capabilities, using C# and Visual Basic.

Quality Assurance for Dynamics Price: $35.99 USD
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 769
Updated: 3/10/2008
This practical reference book is perfect for Microsoft Business Solution partners. This book targets functional experts and Dynamics AX developers. A basic knowledge of X++ language and the basics of Axapta architecture are needed to follow the book.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 with ASP Price: $44.99 USD
  Hits Today: 1  Total: 708
Updated: 1/20/2009
Designed for intermediate Web designers and developers with no previous experience with programming or server-side technology. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 with ASP, ColdFusion and PHP: Training from the Source has been fully-updated.

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